History of the department of Geology

Department of Geology is constituted of teaching staffs, lab staff and geology specialized students. At the present time, there are 6 members of full time staff including two professors, one associate professor, two lecturers and one laboratory staff in the Department of Geology. Out of teaching staffs in our department, 3 staffs are local PhD holders, one is foreign PhD holder and a remaining staff has got Master Degree. Most of the teaching staffs have good experiences of teaching in Geology.

Vision of Department of Geology is to clarify the reasons of ever changing morphology of the earth’s surface, and to deepen the understanding of the relationship between the natural force and processes that cause such an unstable phenomenon of the earth’s interior.

Our students (under graduate students) are given by the systematically designed courses which include adequate theoretical knowledge and practical skills. In addition, the academic staffs are cultivated to become intellectually matured and qualified teaching staffs.
The B.Sc and M.Sc Geology Degree are offered based on the student’s background knowledge, conceptual learning, thinking power and their research outcomes. Own objectives and key plan of Department of Geology are as follows:

to enhance the quality of students continuously
to improve the professional teaching skills of the teaching staffs
to evaluate the questionnaires and feed-back on the lessons and teaching methods
to participate in variety of field of research concerning with our subject
to apply the knowledge and skills in human society and to solve the problems intellectually
to carry on their route independently up to international level

Kyaukme Hall, Lashio University Campus, Lashio.

Faculty members

Dr. Myo Myint Zaw


Phone No.      +95943127134


Qualifications  –  Ph.D (Sedimentology)

Dr. May Si Tun


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Daw Tin Tin Latt

Associate Professor

Dr. Thwe War Linn



U Aung Aung